Dec 9, 2014

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Keeping Warmth Out With Industrial Refrigeration Doors In California

Refrigeration plays a major role in Californian life. Californians undoubtedly enjoy a pleasing outdoor life but they also expect most of the indoor features associated with modern living. Not only ice cubes in their drinks beside their pools or on the beach but also a plentiful supply of fresh foodstuffs along with air conditioned homes, offices, other public places and even automobiles. Refrigeration plays a major part in keeping Californians comfortable and happy.

Not Only The Kitchen Refrigerator (Nor The One In The Bar)

I guess it is fair to say that there is hardly a home anywhere in California that does not have at least one refrigerator. Their refrigerators often have a built in freezer compartment and many residences also have a separate freezer.  However, (possible pun intended) this is nothing but the tip of the iceberg.

Anywhere selling food and beverages in California is most likely to have refrigerators and freezers on their premises (as will all retail shops selling “fresh” foodstuffs). It is a fact of life that the naturally occurring foods that we eat will not last long in even a mild climate – they have to be preserved. This preservation is necessary all the way from the point where the food is harvested or slaughtered; through transportation, middlemen and wholesalers to the retail outlets that we purchase from and, on to the point where we preserve it at home.

Pickling, salting and drying used to be the common forms of preservation but, these days, refrigeration predominates. The further you trace back from your domestic refrigerator, the larger the refrigerating equipment becomes and you reach a point where whole rooms, warehouses and even buildings are being refrigerated. Californian refrigeration on this scale requires Industrial Refrigeration Doors In California that are large enough to allow people, mechanical handling equipment (fork lift trucks for example) or, even delivery trucks to gain access to the refrigerated area for the purposes of moving items in or out.

Insulating And Sealing Industrial Refrigeration Doors In California

There is no point in consuming large amounts of energy to keep an enclosed area cold if your expensive cold air is allowed to mingle and mix with warmer air outside of the walk or drive in refrigerator. All doors and other access points must be fully insulated and their sides must form an airtight seal where they meet the structure of the cold room. Industrial Refrigeration Doors In California must be safe to avoid trapping people inside but they should also have some sort of automatic closing system to avoid accidentally leaving them open for an unnecessary length of time.

All walk in refrigeration units supplied by Turn Key Systems, Inc have self closing Industrial Refrigeration Doors In California where this feature is mandatory. Anyone involved with large scale refrigeration should browse the site to see how Turn Key Systems can be of assistance.

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