Mar 2, 2015

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Keeping Mail Records Up to Date

Do you own a company that deals daily with massive amounts of mail? Do you move a lot of flyers or mailers through the post office and need to make sure you records for people’s addresses are currently and constantly up to date? If so then you should be putting a NCOA link service to work for you. NCOA link is the National Change of Address database provided by the United State Postal Service for anyone to access as needed. It is a business tool used to make sure that your customers that move without of informing you can be found by your systems so your records can be properly maintained. The last thing you need is to lose people because they left their homes for new ones.

Stop Losing Customers to Undeliverable Mail

Losing people when they move costs money. First off, you lose money because your mailers that you have paid to send out get returned and secondly those returned postal items never make it to their desired targets: Your customers. If you can’t communicate with your customer base, then you lose their business and in turn their money. It hurts your bottom line if this happened and you need ways to ensure that it does not. That is where the national database comes in. It helps you keep things running smoothly. It lowers the chance of these types of returns from happening. It is an important tool for any company that relies on the post office to deliver their information to their consumers.

Software That Can Automatically Update Your Address Lists

NCOA link certified software will help you keep your address database up to date and current with the most recent post office addresses database information. This allows for a certain level of automated control over the thousands of bits of personal information you have on your clients and allows you to free up valuable man power and resources for other endeavors. This can be a benefit and a boon to any business that uses the post as their primary resource for communications. Typically, these programs are fully compliant with USPS regulations and protocols so as to minimize any problems that may arise.

Getting these tools are an excellent way to maintain, update, refresh or stay in touch with the people you need to without having to do excessive research to find them if they move. Picking up a copy of this software will be a good business decision for you.

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