Jul 11, 2013

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Keep Your Kitty In A Cat Boarding Bristol WI Facility For Your Trips

When you go out of town, whether it’s for business or pleasure, someone needs to take care of your cat. Your cat needs to be fed and needs to be able to go out into the sun and get some exercise. In order to make sure that your cat is taken care of, you need to look into Cat Boarding Bristol WI. You’ll need to take a look at more than one boarding place because you want to make sure that your cat will be comfortable. It might be a good idea to let your cat stay a day and a night at the boarding house to see if he will be comfortable and get along with the people who work there. Then pick him up and see how he acts. Is he skiddish or is he relaxed when you pick him up? Then when you leave him there for your trip, you’ll know he’ll be safe and happy.

You want to make sure that the boarding house that you leave your cat at is clean and that the cats that are there are taken care of. Do they get some play time outside or are they just left in a cage all of the time? Cats need some exercise and play time. They weren’t meant to be caged up.

Let the staff of the Cat Boarding Bristol WI facility know what your cat’s routine is at home. The closest that they can keep to that routine, the more comfortable your cat will be. Do they have clawing posts for the cats to play with during their play time? Do they have other cats for your cat to socialize with? Cats are very sociable animals. Do they have toys for the cats to play with?

Also, you should bring your own food for your cat during his stay at the boarding house. Cats need food that they’re accustomed to eating. This way your cat won’t have any digestive problems. If you have treats that you give your cat at home, bring those for your cat’s stay as well. Tell the staff how many your cat gets each day and what time of the day you give it to him.

It’s very important that you find a Cat Boarding Bristol WI facility that you and your cat feels comfortable with while you’re away. It will bring peace of mind to you both.



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