Apr 8, 2014

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Keep Your Concrete Repairs Looking Like the Rest of the Concrete with A1 Pavement Maintenance

Concrete pavement needs to be maintained to prevent further deterioration including dangerous potholes. In cold weather areas, water can get under the pavement and freeze causing expansion of the concrete. This resuilts in cracks and eventually loose pavement. Curbs can break-up and driveways can also breakup.

Other concrete maintenance services are required to keep your property looking professionally maintained. These services include:

* Driveway and driveway repairs
* New sidewalks
* Stoops
* Curbs
* Parking Lots
* Gutters
* Storm drain repairs
* Patios
* New garage slabs

As you can see, there is no job too big or too small. A1 Pavement Maintenance has the skilled cement workers for about any cement repair work. Each task requires an evaluation of the need for surface preparation and the type of concrete that should be used. The International Concrete Repair Institute sets the standards for concrete repairs.

In many places where the concrete is being repaired, it is important for the repair to match the existing concrete. You would not want your driveway to look like a spider web. A1 Pavement Maintenance concrete can be made to match the color of existing concrete such as curbs or stoops. Parking lots should not look like a giant patchwork job either.

There are many methods and many products which will enable a mostly unnoticeable repair to be made. These products and methods may require more work, but the results will be worth the time spent doing the job right. Concrete Contractors in Urbana, IL will know how to use the products to make any job look good.

Concrete doesn’t pour out of a mixing truck already prepared to patch or repair any job. There are many formulas for mixing concrete begining with the type of cement used.The aggregate size is figured into the mix and the amount of hydration is also. The mix is essential to the style, appearance and strength of the concrete.

The strength of concrete can be important depending on the job. Concerete strength is expressed as compressive strength in these terms: 10 MPa = 1450 PSI and 40 MPa = 5800 PSI. The 40MPa is made by lowering the water-content ratio. The ultra-high strength concrete is labeled 150 MPa. There is little or no need for this in repairing concrete.

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