Jan 3, 2014

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Keep Your Car On the Road With The Best Auto Repair in Alexandria

Automobiles are a series of very complex systems designed to work together. For example, the engine powers the vehicle, but without the transmission to turn that raw power into torque the car’s engine wouldn’t be able to turn the drive axle properly. Likewise, the engine requires a series of complex systems for it to function properly. An engine consist mainly of a large engine block that holds the pistons, crank and other parts and typically has one or more cylinder heads attached which hold the engine’s valves. The valves are what controls the intake of fuel and air and the release of exhaust gasses after the ignition cycle. Along with this there is a series of gears, chains, belts and other parts designed to keep everything working together.

Keeping all of these systems working properly takes both the skill and experience of a trained mechanic employed in Auto Repair in Alexandria and even then they will need access to reference materials and computer assisted diagnostic tools. Having a basic understanding of mechanics is an excellent start, but there are literally thousands of different vehicle makes and models on our roads making it difficult to understand all the details. Performing the work yourself is an excellent way to develop the beginnings of your mechanical skills, however, you tend to get your experience on specific types of vehicles.

Even the best backyard mechanic will need the help of a trained Auto Repair in Alexandria shop for serious repairs. It’s very difficult to pull an engine for overhaul without the proper equipment and working on transmissions often require a lift to raise the vehicle safely. In fact, there are many repairs a mechanic will make underneath a car that are often impossible to perform correctly unless the vehicle is properly raised off the ground. Much of the front end repairs a car requires fall into this category.

Selecting your next mechanic can be a difficult choice, but most shops are proud of their heritage and many will quickly tell you about their credentials. Your job is to look for a business with plenty of experience in the make and model you own and employs people that you feel comfortable around. For example, repair shops like Shirley Duke Shell Center staff skilled mechanics and friendly staff and will provide you with free estimates on your repair.

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