Mar 26, 2014

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Keep Your Basement or Cellar Dry With Sump Pumps Downers Grove

One of the most common problems that houses with basements or cellars have is moisture leaking in through the walls and floors of those basements. Most construction designs plan for this problem, however, not all of them take into account how the local water table will affect the situation. For instance, a basement built in an area with a high level of water in the soil may always have a moisture problem both during and after a rain storm. The rain will take the path of least resistance which usually leads it straight to the basement walls where it can seep inside.
Many homes resolve this problem using a simple French drain system. This design uses a trench around the edges of the basement. The trench is filled with an aggregate and slanted so that any water collected runs to one specific point. At this point is a small cistern which collects the water. The removal of this accumulated water is automatically handled using Sump Pumps Downers Grove. The sump pump is typically activated by a float that triggers a switch when the water reaches a certain level. At this point, the pump will move the water out of the cistern. Where the water goes from there will depend on local ordinances. Some municipalities don’t allow sump pumps to drain into the local ditches or community sewage systems. In these cases the water is discharged somewhere in the yard, typically in multiple areas.
It is important to keep a regular check on your Sump Pumps Downers Grove. If the float mechanism fails then the pump will not turn on when required. This could allow the water in the system to overflow and damage either your home or any personal property you may have stored in the cellar or basement. In most cases, the problem is an easy fix such as replacing the old pump with a new one. However, if the cistern has collected garbage that has been drawn into the drain lines the repair becomes a bigger problem. Most sump pump drain lines are small which makes using a rooter tool impossible. If the clog is small then a plumbing contractor like Jim Dhamer Plumbing Service may simply replace the line and avoid the cost of troubleshooting the problem. This step could save you money since it reduces the amount of labour that would be used trying to locate the problem.

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