May 18, 2015

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Keep the Weather Away With Quality Re-roofs in Leavenworth KS

There are many reasons to consider Re-roofs in Leavenworth KS. For instance, the original roof on the building could be aging and simple repairs may not be enough to eliminate leaks. Alternately, the roof could be covered in thin asphalt shingles which have aged to the point that the edges are curling or the shingles are pulling away from the roof. Either way, the best option with an aging roof is to remove the old material and replace it before the structure or decking is damaged.

The most common roofing material for homes and many businesses is asphalt based shingles. The quality of this product varies, but asphalt is considered the most budget friendly option available. The service life for asphalt shingles can range from fifteen to twenty-five years. The appearance of lesser quality products can fade quickly while well made shingles will often keep their looks for the life of the product. However, once the roof has begun to fail and Re-roofs in Leavenworth KS are necessary, you may want to consider alternative coverings.

One option for replacing contractor grade asphalt shingles is an asphalt alternative known as composite shingles. The composite system is a thicker asphalt shingle that has two or more layers. Thicker shingles can survive much longer and most manufacturers warrant their product for the life of the home. One of the benefits to this roofing solution is appearance. Composite shingles were designed to give the look of a thick, slate roof. Slate is often used in historical applications, but it is very difficult to simulate. Composite shingles manage this because the product has more bulk and the edges of each shingle is angled to provide distinct shadows. These shadows will make the shingle look more like the edges of a slate tile.

If you have noticed signs of roofing deterioration, leaks in the roof or around roofing details such as attic vents, then Click here. This is the first step in determining your options for roofing repair or replacement. An experienced contractor can inspect the roof of your building and determine if the damage is severe enough for replacement or whether patching the roof will be enough to eliminate the problem.

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