Mar 25, 2014

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Keep That Hot Water Flowing With Water Heater Repair in Bristol, CT

Water heating systems have been in use for quite a while now, but they still present several challenges for the average homeowner. For instance, how do you keep the tank clean without making a huge mess or how to keep the scale buildup to a minimum if you have hard water? Surprisingly, both of these problems often fall into the category of routine maintenance and can usually be avoided by properly flushing out the water tank. Of course, the job is a little more involved than that. The plumber must first connect a drain system to the water heater and ensure the draining water tank doesn’t leak back into the home.
The home water heater comes in two basic types which is one reason that water heater repair in Bristol, CT requires a specialist. These are tank based units designed to hold an average of forty gallons of heated water for quick access although the actual size of the tank will vary from about twenty gallons to one hundred gallons depending on your family’s needs. The water in these tanks is heated by one of two different methods, each with it’s own pros and cons.
The most common water heater uses a gas burner for heating the water. The burner is placed outside the tank, typically at the base and transfers the heat through the tank to the water. This method of heating requires a gas supply be installed as well as an exhaust method for any incompletely burned gases. The alternative is the electric water heater which heats the water with electrical resistance. This works by placing one or more electric heating elements directly inside the water tank where the heat is immediately transferred to the water.
Water heater repair in Bristol, CT covers several failures in the water heating system. For example, when the electric elements fail they must be replaced. Sometimes, this repair requires the thermostat be replaced as well depending on how old the tank is. When the burner in a gas based tank fails the problem could have several causes and usually requires an experienced expert to diagnose the cause. For more information, visit

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