Items Not Allowed in Dumpster Containers in Kennesaw

It’s tempting to just throw everything into dumpster containers in Kennesaw and call it a day while cleaning out the basement, garage, or yard. Some items, however, should never be sent to the local waste landfill unless you want to incur some substantial charges.


Because leftover paint is flammable and dangerous, it must be disposed of properly. One option is to keep the can open until the excess paint has dried completely before discarding it into the roll-off trash containers.

Another alternative is to take the wet paint to a hazardous waste disposal center where it will be appropriately disposed of. Donating it to a home remodeling shop, such as Habitat for Humanity, is a less-publicized option.

Used Motor Oil

After you’ve finished your oil change, never toss the used motor oil in the trash. Explosive and deadly substances can contaminate water and soil. Bring the old oil to a local auto repair shop to see whether it can be cleaned and reused. You may also transport motor oil and transmission fluid to a hazardous waste site.

Used Tires

Many individuals are unaware that it is forbidden to place used tires into any dumpster containers in Kennesaw. This is because tires contain steel belts that, if exposed, may puncture the landfill liners at the dump. Any puncture in the liner might lead to pollution of the ground. Most tire specialist stores and vehicle dealerships can recycle old tires for you, but there will be a disposal cost.

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