Feb 3, 2017

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It Can Be Difficult To Get Social Security Disability Benefits

It Can Be Difficult To Get Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security in the United States provides monthly income to those who have reached the age of retirement as well as those who suffer from a disabling physical or mental condition. Rarely would an applicant for retirement benefits need the assistance of Social Security attorneys serving Detroit, the same cannot be said for those applying for disability benefits.

There is a phenomenal amount of supporting information required by the SSA; it is estimated that up to three quarters of all applicants are denied benefits. Of course, this is extremely disappointing for those that meet the requirements but failed to support their application properly. In cases like this the solution is to hire a skilled Social Security attorney and appeal the initial decision.

The appeal process:

For those that have been denied disability benefits there are three options, two of which should not even be considered. The applicant can give up, start over or hire Social Security attorneys serving Detroit and appeal the initial decision to deny benefits; needless to say appealing is the only option that makes sense.

The appeals process consists of three stages; request for reconsideration, request for a hearing and an appeal to the Appeals Council.

   * Request for consideration: Rarely does this result in approval, perhaps three or four percent of decisions are overturned. As no new evidence is presented this rate is understandable.

   * Hearing: The greatest number of reversals of the initial decision to deny benefits happens after the applicant and his or her attorney has presented supporting documentation to an Administrative Law Judge. During the hearing you can offer new evidence to support your claim and bring in occupational and medical experts.

   * Appeals Council: If your application was not approved after the hearing you can turn your case over to the Appeals Council. In the event the council is of the opinion that errors were made previously, they will instruct that your case be sent back for further review.

As you can readily see, attempting to negotiate your way through the appeals process can be very complex; your chances of success are greatly enhanced when you are supported by knowledgeable attorneys.

If you apply for Social Security disability benefits and your application is denied, you are not alone. The next step is to hire seasoned Social Security attorneys serving Detroit. You are invited to take advantage of a free case consultation when you contact Thurswell Law.

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