Dec 24, 2015

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Israeli Cuisine In America

Israeli Cuisine In America

America offers you to sample food from every nation around the world. No matter what your nationality, you are almost certain to find something that reminds you of the food of your cultural or ethnic heritage. Recently, Israeli cuisine has made its way into the spotlight. Prominent chefs have appeared on TV cooking shows. Books have been published and high profile restaurants have announced their interest in this food type. While this is Jewish food, it represents a certain branch – one that reflects the eclectic nature of the Middle East.

What Is Israeli Cuisine?

Israel cuisine in America represents the best of the Middle East. It is popular food familiar to both Arab and Jew. Its basic characteristics are simplicity and freshness.  It leans towards Mediterranean cooking being light and healthy. Vegetables feature prominently. A typical lunchtime meal will combine a fresh salad with a falafel or pita bread.

In fact, lunch is the main meal in Israel. The family gathers at noon for the larger meal of the day. While they enjoy breakfast and dine later in the evening, lunch is family time. Even schoolchildren come home to enjoy this meal. In America, Israeli cuisine is for enjoyment anytime. Lunch or supper may feature the same items. Breakfast, however, is usually somewhat different. Bread in some form or other usually makes an appearance at the table for any meal or snack.

Israeli Cuisine: Food Choices

There are certain items of food that are immediately associated with Israeli cuisine. This is true whether it is served in a local restaurant or from a food truck on the street. Among the most common foods appearing on the menu are:

1. Baba Ganoush: A tangy eggplant spread comes with pitas, an Israeli salad or in diverse pastry pockets.

2. Falafel: This chickpea ball is deep-fried then placed in pita bread. It may be joined by French fries and a salad.

3. Hummus: This mashed chickpea spread comes with tahini dressing and may be served with either rice or mashed potatoes. Vegetables are a regular accompaniment.

4. Pita Bread: This is a staple in any form of Israeli cuisine.  It is stuffed and served with almost anything you can imagine.

5. Schnitzel: Schnitzel is breaded chicken cutlets fried and served in a number of ways.

6. Schwarma: Beef or lamb is grilled, shaved or sliced and then served. It may stuff pita bread or appear alone with sides of vegetables or potatoes.

7. Tahini: Ground sesame seeds for the basis for this spread. It appears with salads and on pita bread.

These are the basics. They are what we know as the basics of an Israeli diet. Food trucks and restaurants serve these up daily adding their own culinary and cultural influences. The result is Israeli cuisine à la America.

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