Mar 4, 2015

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Is Your Smile Ready for Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL?

Is Your Smile Ready for Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL?

A beautifully white smile is not always easy to achieve on your own. Though you may could use whitening toothpastes or even at-home whitening kits, these rarely make much of a difference in the shade of your teeth. Unfortunately, they can sometimes cause damage that can be permanent and leave your teeth feeling overly sensitive. This is why it is important to see the dentist for Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL. The dentist can provide you with safe whitening treatments that will be truly effective in removing the worst of stains from your teeth.

There are a few different steps that will need to be taken when you have Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL:

• You will need to first have your teeth cleaned so there are no plaque, tartar or food particles that will impede the whitening treatment. This will help to ensure the whitener is able to go directly into the enamel and dentin without any issue.

• Once your teeth are clean, the dentist will work to protect your sensitive gum tissues. This is done through the application of a special sealant material. The dentist paints this material over the gum areas and then allows it to dry. Once dry, it will shield these sensitive tissues from the burning effects whiteners can cause.

• The dentist will use a special whitening solution with the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is available in different strength levels and will be used according to your needs.

• Most whitening treatments take between thirty and ninety minutes, depending on the level of staining you have. Some people may only need one treatment, while others will require as many as ten, spaced out over a period of time.

• Results of a whitening treatment will last as long as two years. It is important you maintain the color by brushing regularly and avoiding smoking and certain foods and beverages.

If you are tired of seeing a dull and dingy smile, contact West Mobile Dental Care. Allow them to schedule you for a consultation so you can learn what type of whitening treatments will best benefit your smile.

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