Apr 27, 2016

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Is Your Home Suffering From A Leaky Basement In Boston MA?

Is Your Home Suffering From A Leaky Basement In Boston MA?

If you’ve noticed wet areas in your basement or it smells musty, your home is probably suffering from a leaky basement in Boston MA. Whether your foundation is stone or concrete block, both can development water problems due to poor drainage around the home. Older homes that have a stone basement may require more work to eradicate the water from the area. Older basements often do not have proper drainage and aren’t sealed as tightly as a new home. There are various solutions any homeowner can choose from to correcting a leaking basement. In addition, concrete blocks are very porous and it’s easy for moisture to creep into the basement area.

The first solution to a Leaky Basement in Boston MA is to determine the cause of the leak. French drains on the outside of a home could be clogged with dirt. This could result in the mortar cracking or a wall to bow. If the water problem is not addressed or repaired incorrectly, the water can travel under the floor and cracks will develop. Wherever a crack is located in a basement, water will begin to seep in. One solution to poor drainage is to excavate the outside of a home and install new drains. The problem with this solution is many homeowners do not want their landscaping disturbed. If the wall is bowed, there may not be any other options than to excavate around the home.

Another choice an experienced company may offer is internal French drains. Internal drains require removing portions of the floor in the basement and installing gravel and drainage pipe that will extend to a pit. In the pit will be a sump pump that will push the water out of the basement and away from a home. A homeowner should also consider having the walls waterproofed so no other moisture will enter the basement. If a homeowner is considering turning their basement into a living space, they should always have it inspected for signs of water damage.

A leaky basement can be repaired by an experienced waterproofing company at an affordable price. If you’re concerned about water in your home, mold or a musty smell in your basement, please feel free to contact us.

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