Mar 3, 2015

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Is Your Chimney an Eyesore? 3 Signs You Need Chimney Repair in Suffolk County NY

Is Your Chimney an Eyesore? 3 Signs You Need Chimney Repair in Suffolk County NY

Knowing when to make repairs on your house can often be tough, especially when you don’t know if something is in need of repair. That being said, it can be quite difficult understanding when your chimney needs repair because you don’t see what is on the inside. However, there are things you can look for when considering a repair. If interested in knowing when to repair your chimney, here are some signs to look.

Cracked Brick or Stone

It isn’t a huge deal if one or two bricks are cracked on your chimney; it happens. But when there is excessive damage to the bricks and stones surrounding the chimney, there is a problem and you are in need of repair. Having your chimney enclosed is imperative because you don’t want to soot to damage the actual foundation of the house. To avoid this, replace the brick or stone and enclose the fumes that emanate from your chimney.

Soot Buildup

Speaking of fumes that emanate from your chimney, if there is excessive soot residue in your fireplace, you need Chimney Repair in Suffolk County NY. You can contact a company such as All American Chimney and Duct Cleaning Inc. Soot is bad for your lungs, and if there is soot buildup, that means that the smoke is not getting out of your fireplace due to some sort of blockage. To get rid of this blockage and ensure your safety, contact a chimney repair service immediately, or before the next time you use your fireplace.

Bad, Uninviting Odors

It is safe to say that if anything in your house smells and it’s not your trash can, there is a problem. Since chimneys can be tricky, you really are in need of a professional because often you won’t know what is needed to correctly clean or repair it. Sometimes only a cleaning is needed, but usually when there are smells there is a need of a complete repair.

There are many signs to look for when considering getting your chimney cleaned. Chimneys can be tricky as you can’t repair it yourself and often don’t know what to look for because you cannot see inside the chimney. By looking for these signs and more, you should be able to indicate any problem and contact your local chimney cleaning service for Chimney Repair in Suffolk County NY.

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