Apr 22, 2013

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Is Your Building In Compliance With The New Stretch Code In Newton MA

Stretch codes are also known as reach codes. The stretch code is a mandated code that allows the buildings in the different communitities or the whole state to reach higher energy savings. The stretch codes are only in a few different states at this moment. Those states are Massachusetts, Oregon and California. If you are not in those states then you may have never even heard of a stretch code. Each state is a little different when it comes to the codes. Oregon mandated that the code be state wide. The state of Massachusetts has a state wide code as well, but it also allows for the option of local usage. Not all communities are on board with the stretch code, but as time goes on more and more communities are updating their code.

There are some benefits from the communities using this stretch code. The utility companies are offering educational training and even incentives. This will help save money for many people in the long run. Another great aspect of communities using this code is it can align market actors. In other words is the alignment of interests. When companies have people that are working for them and they share the same interests as the owners it actually creates stock options and bonuses.

If you notice that your community is in the process of meeting the energy codes for the buildings then you can hire a company to come in and help you meet the energy code compliance. The Stretch code Newton MA is currently being updated in many commercial buildings and even residential properties. There are companies that can inspect your building and go over what all, if any changes need to be made so that you are able to meet the code. If there are any new buildings built from this point on then they must be following the new code as well if they are in the jurisdiction for the stretch code. If you happen to be in the jurisdiction that elected the code, it is required that buildings follow the code. If you are unsure of what code your building is currently under you can always call a company to come take a look for you.

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