Feb 21, 2014

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Is Truck Driver Training School Right for You?

Many opt for truck driving jobs for broad job placement opportunities, sizeable yearly salaries, and the prospect of new, daily challenges. Whether you’re looking to acquire your commercial driver’s license, or would like to review what you previously learned, an experienced training school can provide the guidance you need. Obtaining a CDL or training for a new job off-site is good way to improve your qualifications and further your chances of finding a profitable career you enjoy.

Benefits Job Hunters
Participating in truck driver training can broaden your job prospects considerably, and make you far more appealing to employers looking to hire skilled drivers. Truck driving is a lucrative job, and there are many seeking positions that involve operating tractor trailers, dump trucks, straight trucks, and other commercial motor vehicles. Setting time aside to expand your knowledge and hands-on skills will like impress potential employers, as they won’t have to utilize resources to train you extensively. CDL training schools are an excellent way for individuals searching for new career opportunities to refresh their knowledge, or obtain their CDLs.

Classroom & Hands-On Learning
Instructors at a truck driver training school will teach you everything you need to know about operating a CMV. Many schools teach students in small classrooms, allowing for individual attention. After a certain amount of time is spent in the classroom, your instructors will allow you to practice behind-the-wheel. Studying a commercial driver’s manual may be helpful during the knowledge portion of the CDL exam, but it doesn’t provide the tactile learning you need to excel during the road test. Your instructors will ensure you’re fully prepared for both the written and behind-the-wheel portions of your test.

Employee Training
Training schools often complete corporate training on behalf of companies, which means they don’t have to devote time to training new hires on-site. If you’re looking to take a refresher course to review your CMV operation skills, a training school will allow you to do so. Allowing employees to train at a truck driver training school means employees can use company or school equipment and are taught company policies. Additionally, employers can often create customized training programs based on their organization’s needs and preferences.

To begin practicing for your CDL exam, or to refresh your knowledge, contact Smith & Solomon Training Solutions.

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