Jun 12, 2015

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Is There Any Need For Compulsive Over Eating Treatment In Marin City California?

It does not really matter where you live, if you suffer from any sort of compulsive behaviour there is probably a need for you to have it investigated and obtain advice; compulsive over eating treatment in Marin City area is no exception.

Healthy Appetite
This is good but it can get out of hand. Eating more than your body really needs to maintain it during your daily activities or eating what are, basically, the wrong types of food are not likely to be good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Over Eating
Some people can become so obsessed with food that they will eat even when they are not hungry. They may also start to spend excessive time thinking about food while planning what to eat and fantasizing about doing so.

This may lead to frequent episodes of uncontrolled eating that verge on the medically recognized binge eating disorder (BED). They can often feel frenzied and might consume between 5,000 and 15,000 calories in one bout of compulsive eating. This can be followed by feelings of guilt and depression to such an extent that they drop out of their normal routine activities. Other compulsive eaters might indulge in what has become known as grazing behavior, whereby they are constantly picking at food throughout the day. Although only eating small amounts each time, the overall number of calories consumed can be excessive.

How To Tell If Someone Is A Compulsive Eater
Most compulsive eaters choose to eat alone, consume the food rapidly and will quickly gain weight. This may cause decreased mobility and withdrawal from many of the previously regular activities. Emotionally, they will probably feel guilty and out of control which can bring on depression and mood swings.

Food addiction
Compulsive overeating is literally an addiction which researchers have shown can bring about similar highs to those associated with drug abuse (and also similar withdrawal symptoms). They can reach a point where their only thought is to when and what will they eat next and, if this does not happen, they can resemble drug addicts uncontrollably searching for their next “fix” and even resorting to lying and/or stealing in order to get it.

Like any addiction, treatment will take the form of therapy; either individual or group. While the statistics for overeaters are not conclusive; it is known that a growing number of Americans (particularly women) are already suffering from some form of eating disorder. Therefore, it is safe to say that a center for Compulsive Over Eating Treatment In Marin City is a definite necessity.

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