Is the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair Right for You?

There are a wide range of wheelchair options on the market today. Finding one that is right for your specific needs may be a bit hard to do. However, with the help of a few reviews and some consideration for the features available, you are sure to find one that fits each one of your needs. For many, the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair is an excellent choice. It has the features many people are seeking.

What Does This Wheelchair Offer?

The Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair is a durable, well-liked option. It is a popular model because of its overall ease of use. It has a unique design that makes it easier for a person to be independent. Yet, it is still very easy for someone to push, too. It has a large, open seat that measures 26 inches. In addition to this, it has a detachable desk arm that allows for it to be very versatile. Depending on the model selected, you may also want to consider the swing-away leg rests this chair offers.

Finding the Right Chair for Your Needs

As an affordable but quality wheelchair, this particular option can be a good fit for many people. It has a padded nylon seat that helps to ensure comfort even for hours. It is also designed to be wiped clean. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds as well.

In some situations, it is important to choose a wheelchair that can handle the lifestyle you live. With the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair, you gain a lot of control and a maneuverable system. It offers the type of support you need no matter if you are heading off to school with it or planning to work a long day.

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