Is Student Housing in Washington a Good Choice for Returning Students?

Off campus housing near WWU is typically seen as an option for first-time college students. You can move out of your parents’ house for the first time and enjoy the college experience while also getting a taste of adulthood responsibilities. But what if you’re a returning student who took a few years off before coming back to school? Can you still rent a student apartment, or is it better to look elsewhere?

Is Student Housing a Good Choice for Returning Students?

Student housing is actually a great option for returning students who have come back to complete their degrees. When you’re an older adult, you find it a lot harder to adjust to the rules and regulations of a dorm room. Student apartments have none of that. They have a few basic rules that everyone should follow, but it’s nothing that you wouldn’t find in a traditional apartment. There’s nobody on your back telling you what to do all the time.

Student housing is also a lot like renting an apartment–you just get a lot more amenities. If you’re already renting an apartment, why not treat yourself by upgrading to student housing? Student housing typically costs the same as a traditional apartment, but you get access to a gym, social events, study lounges and other amenities on top of it.

Get more information about off-campus housing by WWU by visiting the Lark Bellingham website. If you’re a returning student, consider reaching out to a staff member to learn more.

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