Dec 10, 2015

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Is New Jersey a Strict Dog Bite State with Dog Bite Attorneys Woodbridge NJ?

Is New Jersey a Strict Dog Bite State with Dog Bite Attorneys Woodbridge NJ?

The first thing anyone who has been bit by a dog should do is seek medical treatment. If the dog bite breaks the skin in any way, a visit to the doctor is essential. The injury may only appear minor, but bacteria from the dog bite could potentially infect the area. What may only appear to be a mild problem may lead to a serious illness.

After the dog bite injury is treated, one can begin to ask the big questions. Is the injury severe enough to justify a small court lawsuit? Who is responsible for the injury, and who is going to pay?

The answers to these questions are determined by the Dog Bite Attorneys Woodbridge NJ, and the dog bite injury statutes of the state. There are generally two types of liability types when it comes to a dog bite. A few states may impose other policies. This includes a one-bite policy, which means owners are allowed a single bite from a dog without having to take responsibility. That may only take effect if the owner had nothing to do with the bite.

Regardless, most states impose a general liability or a strict liability. A general liability means that the dog owner is only responsible for the injury if the dog bit the victim because of their incompetence. The Dog Bite Attorneys Woodbridge NJ, are in agreement that this most commonly includes the use of a leash in a public place. If any abuse is linked, the owner will be responsible for the injury (among other charges). In short, if the actions of the owner potentially provoked the dog to bite in some way, they are responsible. Visit here for more information.

A strict liability state dictates that the dog owner is responsible for a dog bite regardless of any action they did or did not take. If they were doing everything in their power to control the dog, the dog was on a leash, and on their property, they can still be held liable. At that point, the case would be determined based on the actions taken by the injured. Did they provoke the dog in any way?

The Dog Bite Attorneys of Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC in Woodbridge NJ work in a strict liability environment. New Jersey is a strict liability state, and that will shape the dog bite case in favor of the injured.

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