Is It Time to Replace Your Window Screens?

Window screens keep bugs and critters out of your home, all while letting fresh air in. If you’re getting mosquito bites or flies coming in, though, it might be time to inspect your windows and check for problems. You might need to install a window screen replacement to fix them. Here are some signs to look for:

Damaged mesh

Weak spots and holes in the mesh can welcome those outdoor pests in. Any hard impact on the mesh can also mess it up and affect parts of the mesh, rendering these beyond repair. While little holes could still be patched up, replacing the entire screen is a better option for bigger ones.

Years of use

If your screens have been around for as long as 10 years or more, it’s highly likely that the material has already turned brittle. Years of use has worn out the material and made it prone to damage and warpage. It’s best to replace your screens at this point.

Broken frames

Some bent frames can still be repaired but if the damage is too great or if the material is already worn out from years of use, a replacement is the only option you have.


Before you go shopping for a window screen replacement, be sure to consider the following:


You’ll need to scout around for how much the material will be. Don’t have the time, skills or tools to install it, DIY? Factor in labor costs s well. By calling in pros, though, means you have more time to devote to other things.

Screen type

Some screens filter out the sun’s heat, some are cheap but easily damaged while some are made of stronger, reinforced material to last you longer, says the Home Advisor. Pick the one that matches your budget and needs.

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