Jul 31, 2015

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Is It Time to Replace the Sliding Doors in Colorado Springs?

Sliding doors that lead from the family room to the patio are great assets. When the weather is nice, the doors make it possible to flood the room with fresh air. During the winter months, those same doors provide a great view of the snow. While those Sliding Doors in Colorado Springs have served the household well, they will eventually need replacing. Here are some signs that the time has come to invest in new doors.

The Effects of Age

Over time, age can take toll on those Sliding Doors in Colorado Springs. The tracks can become dented, making it harder for the doors to move back and forth on the tracks. The metal used for the borders of the doors can tarnish and become increasingly hard to keep clean. Even the glass will sustain some scratching as the years pass. Rather than living with the effects of age, why not have the doors replaced? Doing so will go a long way in making the room look better.

Upgrading the Glass

Perhaps the original glass in the doors was single-paned. While that does not matter in terms of being able to see outside, the design does make it harder to heat and cool the home. Think what it would be like if the homeowner traded in those older patio doors for new ones that come with double-paned glass. The view would be just as great, but keeping the home at a comfortable temperature would require much less energy. That translates into lower utility bills and more money that can be used for other things around the house.

Keep in mind that while the door design might allow for converting the older doors, the cost is likely to be prohibitive. Opting for new doors with double-paned glass will be cheaper in the long run, since those new doors will not have any of the minor issues in terms of dented borders or problems with the tracks or rollers.

For any homeowner who thinks it is time to make a change, talk with a door and window contractor today. After checking a few possibilities, it will be easy to choose the right set of new sliding doors and arrange for their installation.

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