Dec 4, 2015

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Is It Time to Find a New Appliance Repairman?

Your refrigerator has stopped working. Your washing machine is on the fritz. Your oven element refuses to heat. You don’t have time to waste on appliance repairmen who don’t show up on time or don’t really fix the problem. If you’re dealing with one of these problems, it’s time to find a different company for your appliance repair needs.

The Repairman Can’t Fix Your Model
If the company you’ve used for your appliance repair in Naperville only fixes some models, makes, or types of appliances, it’s time to find a new repairman. The more experience a repairman has, the more able he is to handle any appliance you might have. It’s also important to find repairmen who are certified-trained technicians and are also state licensed.

The Problem Keeps Coming Back
It’s not okay to have the same problem repeatedly within a short period of time. Companies that use parts that are new are given a factory warranty which they can pass on to the customers. Look for repairmen who offer a warranty, because this means they are using new parts. If the problem occurs within the warranty, the technician should be willing to come back to fix it without charging you.

They Can’t Get to You Quickly
You shouldn’t have to wait to get your fridge working again. You can’t go without one for long. If the company you’re using is slow to return your calls, set up repairs, or doesn’t have available appointments quickly, you need a new repairman. Customer service matters. This includes friendly staff who are good communicators. It also means that the repairman is on time for appointments, or contacts you if an emergency arises. You should never be trapped at home waiting hours for a late repairman.

The Pricing is Complicated
When your appliance needs fixing, you can’t leave it for long. Sometimes it’s tempting to hire the first appliance repairman in the phone book. However, you need to feel confident of the cost of the repairs. Companies should offer a flat service fee to come and inspect and diagnose your appliance. Some technicians regularly offer sales or huge discounts that don’t really lower the price much, so don’t get fooled! It’s also helpful to find a company that accepts major credit cards. Make sure that you get the final say before any repairs are made.
Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you should expect highly qualified appliance repair technicians who provide excellent customer service every time.

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