Is It Still Possible To Source Hills McCanna Pumps And Parts?

America was a great place for engineering and industrial invention and innovation around the end of the 1800’s and many great companies grew out of a spirit of entrepreneurship linked to those inventions. One such company was founded in Chicago in 1898 by Robert Hills and John McCanna under the name of Hills-McCanna Company.

Their business was the manufacture of metal castings, valves and pumps for the chemical and transport (marine and railway) industries. By 1928, Hills-McCanna had established a name for themselves for their line of extremely reliable metering pumps. These were known as both DurcoMeter pumps and Durameter pumps.

More Than Just Metering Pumps

Hills McCanna Pumps continued to develop with the introduction of brands like their McCannatrol and McCannamite pumps. Then came a series of mergers and takeovers which caused some brand names to be changed. Since 2005, the actual owner of the company for Hills McCanna Pumps has been the Milton Roy Company who decided not to manufacture the older Hill-McCanna models. However, they did license out the designs to a company called Rutherford Pump Systems who have kept the branding alive under the Durameter Legacy Pumps name.

Rutherford manufactures complete, new Hills McCanna Pumps as well as all necessary spare parts for older models. Therefore, it is still possible to source these pumps even though they are no longer made by the Hills-McCanna Company in Chicago (Rutherford are located in Ontario, Canada).

What Happened To The Hills-McCanna Valves?

Like Hills McCanna Pumps, the valves are still being made but, as a result of all the takeovers, Hills-McCanna valves are manufactured either as McCANNA-MARPAC which is part of the giant Flowserve conglomerate or, by the reformed Hills-McCanna diaphragm valve company which is an offshoot from Flowserve and is now part of the French Andronaco Industries group.

Obsolete Or, Not Obsolete

With all the factory closures, takeovers and mergers, what should anyone wanting to source genuine Hills McCanna Pumps, valves, accessories or spare parts do? One answer is to seek out distributors who either have existing stocks or have distribution agreements with the various successors to the original Hills-McCanna Company. A good distributor should be able to recognize your needs and identify them from the part number alone. You will also find that many distributors are in a position to provide servicing and refurbishment for your existing Hills McCanna Pumps.

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