Dec 10, 2015

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Is Gourmet Food In Philadelphia Different From Elsewhere?

Is Gourmet Food In Philadelphia Different From Elsewhere?

Is there actually any fixed definition of what gourmet food is in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the world? Food has a universal meaning; even though what constitutes food can be widely varied across countries and populations. In Asia; they eat spiders and cockroaches and consider them delicacies; but, I doubt if such would be prized as gourmet food in Philadelphia.

What The Dictionary Says About “Gourmet”

Strictly speaking, it’s a noun that describes anyone who can be considered a connoisseur of food and/or drink. Meaning that, when used as an adjective – as in “gourmet food” – it refers to a particular food that would appeal to a gourmet. Apparently, this has nothing to do with the actual type of food.

Used In A Wider Sense

To a larger extent; we apply the gourmet adjective as a cultural ideal when discussing the culinary arts in relation to (so called) “fine foods”. The term “haute cuisine” also applies” and derives from the sophisticated, even elaborate preparation techniques associated with the top chefs and restaurants in France.

However, nowhere is it said exactly what type of food and drink these words of praise should be applied to. The inference being on both the quality of the “raw” materials and the manner in which they are prepared before being consumed.

Examples From Philadelphia

Philadelphia cream cheese can be a mass produced product; but, if it is crafted from selected milk on the farm that actually milks the cows; it could be said to be a gourmet cheese. Much the same can be said when it comes to meat; thus, there can be Philly cheesesteak cooked by a short-order cook or there could be Philadelphia Cheesesteak prepared from the finest ingredients by a master chef in a restaurant serving gourmet food in Philadelphia. There are various gourmet food provider in the Philadelphia from where you can purchase 100% gourment food

Eating At Home

Home cooking, or serving, can also include gourmet food. Caviar is nearly always considered a gourmet item; whereas cod roe is more of a staple commodity. Preconceptions and the current tastes and fads of society often determine whether the gourmet label gets applied or not.

In many ways; you decide what is gourmet for you and what is not; but, if you desire to eat gourmet style; then all ingredients and extras must be of top quality. This means you have to exercise care when doing your marketing.

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