Is Daycare Good For Kids?

No mother wants to hear her child crying as she drops him off at a child day care center in Marlboro, NJ. It makes her want to rush back home to play with him all day! However, parents have to work, leaving no choice but to put their children in daycare.

Some day care centers in NJ are more than just day care. Here, children learn a range of developmentally-appropriate skills, including the following:

They Learn Structure

Even young children can learn to play, sing, hear a story, nap, and have lunch at certain times. It teaches them discipline and readies them for structured school hours. It teaches them to listen to their teachers and comply with their requests.

They Learn About Other Children

How many times have you separated two kids who don’t want to share their toys? That and other lessons about peers are taught at daycare centers, along with how to get along with other kids.

They Learn About Other Adults

Up to now, young children probably only recognize parents, and perhaps grandparents and aunts and uncles. Outside of his family, who are these other rather tall people? Of what importance are they to his world? These become his teachers and mentors. He learns to recognize, and they become a part of his memory of child day in Marlboro, NJ.

They Learn

Studies suggest that children who attend a good quality day care have higher test scores when they get older. Similarly, cognitive function was higher in children placed in daycare than in those not in daycare. One study defined “good quality” daycare as one that offered learning activities from care providers who work closely with children.

It Preps Them For Kindergarten

Research has found that by the age of five, kids in non-home type daycare were stronger readers and had better math skills than children in home daycare settings. Kids entering kindergarten were ahead of the curve in reading and math.

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