Dec 7, 2017

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Is Custom Lead Casting Cost Effective?

Is Custom Lead Casting Cost Effective?

There are different possible options for creating shapes out of lead. Lead is often used in fabrication and production, particularly when radiation shielding is required. This is typically seen in medical facilities, laboratories, clinics and even in dentist and doctor offices.

Additionally, due to its high density, lead is an exceptional choice for counterweights, as well as for ballast material. The high density reduces the physical size needed for these types of applications, allowing for unique configurations. With the high malleability of the metal combined with a relatively low melting point compared to other comparable options, this is an ideal material for many different applications.

The choice of custom lead casting to design weights, counterweights and ballasts for marine applications is due to the high density lower corrosion rate of the metal. The natural passivation, when exposed to the air, creates a barrier on the surface that prevents further corrosion.

Shapes to Suit Needs

By using custom lead casting to create the exact shapes and dimensions needed for weights, ballasts and other components such as discs, bricks or rings, the option to develop precise shapes without the need for extensive machining is a very cost-effective option.

Once the mold is designed, the casting process can be done quickly based on the size, shape, and thickness of the desired part or component. Companies specializing in lead casting will provide support in designing the specific shape and corresponding mold.

With precision in making the mold, there will be limited need for machining or finishing of the custom lead casting once it is poured, cooled and removed from the mold. These castings can be done to any required industry standards by top lead casting services, which further makes this an ideal choice for cost-effective production of large to small weights, counterbalances or ballasts.

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