Dec 5, 2013

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Is Breast Augmentation in Kalamazoo MI Right For You?

Mother nature can be a cruel prankster to women, giving them breasts that feel inadequate. For others, being a mother depletes the fat in the breasts, causing them to deflate. Some women have had mastectomies from breast cancer, leaving them with no tissue left. The common theme for all of these scenarios is the fact that there is unhappiness with the way their body has developed, or undeveloped, as it may be. In all of these situations, Breast Augmentation Kalamazoo MI can restore self-esteem by changing the appearance of the breasts in one surgery.

Breast augmentation is the act of taking an implant and inserting it behind the breast structures to create a fuller appearance. An implant can be made from silicone, saline or a composite material. The surgeon and patient both work together to determine which type of implant is ultimately used for the Breast Augmentation Kalamazoo MI. Deciding on what to use requires input from both surgeon and patient: the surgeon’s opinion is important because of experience, and the patient’s because she is the one who will live with the results for years to come.

The procedure to put in implants is fairly straightforward as far as surgeries go. The surgeon begins by creating a pocket either behind the glandular or muscle tissue, then inserts the implant. The patient is lifted upright to check for positioning and balance after insertion, then laid back down once the surgeon is satisfied with their appearance. All incisions are then closed, drains are inserted, and the patient is wrapped with supporting bandages for the healing process.

It’s important that the patient interview the surgeon before making a decision. It’s best to work with surgeons like the ones at Elite Plastic Surgery that have performed hundreds of breast augmentations, and have experienced a wide variety of breast presentations like the ones noted earlier. A surgeon who has seen many different patients with different issues about their breasts is best equipped to provide the best possible results.

Always keep in mind that there is no need to rush into a breast augmentation. Take the time to discuss the situation with the surgeon, learn about all of the options, and be an informed patient before agreeing to undertake surgery.

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