Jan 16, 2017

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Is A Brick Oven Better for Your Pizza?

Like supporting your favorite football or baseball team, everyone appears to have an opinion about which is best and it’s the same when choosing an oven for your pizza. For every individual that supports the brick pizza oven choice, there are just as many that prefer a portable combustion oven, so why do some prefer a brick made oven?

Is It the Smoky Flavor?

Owners of brick pizza ovens suggest that the final smoky flavor and crunchy toppings can only be achieved with an oven, home built, from bricks. Many of these individuals may never have eaten a pizza from a portable, metal oven, as there is no specific difference in the final product. It’s the wood burning that delivers the flavor.

Within the home built brick pizza oven, there can be no doubt that pizzas are cooked within just a few minutes, which ensures that your favorite pizza toppings do not develop into a mushy mess.

The temperature inside the oven can be as high as 900°F. This is achieved as the heat radiates from the wood fire and is absorbed by the brick walls. As the temperature is maintained, an excellent pizza can be produced.

Speed of Cooking Matters

When you have a substantial family or a high number of guests visiting your property, waiting for someone to cook food on a barbecue means that some people are finished before others have begun. The brick pizza version enables quick cooking of any size pizza within just a few minutes, enabling you to prepare many pizzas, available in a short period.
Because of the quick cooking time, this is not an expensive cooking appliance. Its efficiency and effectiveness will keep many great tasting pizzas being cooked for years to come.

While the percentage of individuals will choose a brick pizza oven as their preference, there are as many who see the opportunity for a portable wood fired oven as a great alternative. What is most important is the quality of the oven, its robust construction providing a consistent productivity for cooking pizza.

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