Feb 20, 2014

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Is a Breast Life Right for You?

Many women are concerned about how their breasts look. Although they may have been bouncy and perky when you were younger, your breasts may now need a little rejuvenating, especially if you’ve had children. Gravity can take a serious toll on how breasts look, but you can overcome the natural force of the world by seeing a Breast Lift in Wichita about changing your breast profile.

A breast lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves resituating breasts so the nipples sit above the inframammary fold and reshaping them to achieve the look the woman wants. Some breast tissue may be removed during the surgery depending on how the woman wants her breasts to look. There are a few different methods the surgeon can use to achieve the end results including the crescent lift, doughnut technique, and vertical incision. The procedure is fairly simple and recovery time is minimal.

Typically, women with large pendulous breasts are good candidates for breast lifts. Although downward-pointing nipples are good for breast feeding, many women don’t feel this looks very attractive. If this is you, then a breast lift may be a good option for achieving the breast profile you want.

Any woman can get a breast lift as long as they are healthy enough to get through the surgery. However, it’s best to wait to get the surgery until after you have given birth and nursed all the children you’re going to have. The swelling and stress breast undergo during pregnancy and breastfeeding can undo some of the effects of a breast lift.

It’s also important to understand that you will have a scar where the surgeon makes the incisions to reposition your breast. The surgeon will do his or her best to hide the scars, but they will be there. Lastly, your insurance company may or may not cover the cost of the surgery. It depends on whether the size and shape of the breasts contribute to other health problems like back pain. Be certain to call your health insurance provider to determine if they do prior to making an appointment with a qualified surgeon.

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