IRS relief for Americans

One major IRS relief or Americans is to file your taxes no matter if you are a couple of days, months or even years late. Not filing at all will eventually catch up to you. Unfortunately, many Americans are falling deeper and deeper into debt due to not filing taxes. Filing your tax returns as soon as possible can get you IRS relief right off the bat as you will no longer be adding the penalty and other charges the IRS imposes. The longer you wait to file those past due taxes, the more perilous your IRS problems will be. You become extremely vulnerable to IRS collections and when that happens, there is nothing you can do about it. Rather, you can appeal IRS tax collections, but then you are really talking “big money” to tax attorneys (if you can even afford it) when that happens. Such garnishing’s including levies on your wages and all your accounts (bank). You may even face criminal charges by the Plaintiff, IRS. The time for criminal charges, if convicted, is one year in jail and/or $10,000.00 in fines. So if you think you can’t pay your taxes now, just add these fines to your debt. By law, you can file your back taxes at any time. The point is to get those unfiled tax returns filed now, no matter how late you are.

Become an informed participant before hiring an attorney for IRS relief

Another important point to bring up is your option to file an offer in compromise form. You can download it from the internet or call the IRS to see if they would be kind enough to mail you one. They are free of charge. This is an offer for you to negotiate the monies owed to Uncle Sam. You would be dealing with the government on your own. So there would be no advice or help, but it is another option for you to seek out if you so choose.

Make sure you become informed by doing your research on tax laws and IRS tax relief. Research can take hours, however, in the long run it is worth it. Should you decide to hire a tax attorney, you will be active in the process and your attorney will appreciate that. You will more so, as you won’t spend so many hours learning about taxes and relief from them. Then narrow your selection down to three attorneys and do more research on them. Make sure they are listed in local and national legal organizations. Members are one thing, however, leaders and the real navigators. See if you don’t see one of your three on these organizational lists. Then select your attorney and start the IRS relief process.

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