Invisalign: 10 Things You Need to Know

Tired of being teased about your crooked teeth or overbite? You can say goodbye to these dental problems with clear braces. If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign in Highland Park, here are a few tips from Shape on what you can expect from the experience

* It’s not for everyone. That’s the first thing you should know. If your condition is easy enough to treat, then this is the perfect treatment for you. However, for dental problems and conditions that are far more complex, other sets of braces may be necessary.

* It’s a commitment. You have to wear braces for at least 20 hours. 22 hours is the suggested number, but 20 is still well within the ballpark. That means you have to wear them through your meals, while you sleep when you work, and even when wanting nothing more than to lie around in bed all day relaxing with a book. No matter what, you still have to wear your braces. If you’re ready for that kind of commitment, then good for you.

* It makes you question your life choices. That is, it makes you question whether or not that candy bar is worth it. After all, you have to brush your teeth after every meal. If all you want is a bite, is that worth it going through the motions of brushing your teeth and cleaning your braces carefully, making sure no scraps of food linger? You might find yourself starting to pass on those snacks and chips. While that might sound sad, look on the bright side. With Invisalign braces, you can keep senseless snacking to a minimum. It’s a handy side effect.

* You can’t clean your clear braces with toothpaste. Some actually think that’s the right way to clean the clear tray but it’s not. Just stick to a mild soap or detergent. Otherwise, you could be destroying your braces since toothpaste contains ingredients that could abrade it or cause odor to build up instead.

* It’s worth it. Given the challenges that come with getting a clear brace, the results make the experience worth it. You’ll end up with better teeth, improved snacking habits, and healthier dental practices. So you won’t just enjoy better teeth, you can enjoy eating better and feel healthier overall as well.

Looking for a dental office that offers Invisalign services in Highland Park? No worries. Call the Lippitz Orthodontics to schedule an appointment and you’re good to go.

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