Apr 25, 2014

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Investing the Safest Way: The Catalog of Investment Property in Staten Island

Few regions are as revered and sought after as Staten Island, New York City. With such limited space combined with its status of the global centerpiece of business and stocks, the area is notoriously valuable. A single bedroom apartment will not go for under $350,000, which makes it extremely competitive. But this is the nature of New York. Investment Property in Staten Island can be an incredible opportunity for the right investor. The best investment companies understand the dynamics of investing. They require strong consideration in thee distinct areas:

1. Speed of the Flip
How long will it take to get the property in selling order? Properties with a lot of renovations can be sold rather quickly, but recent alterations will gather a higher price tag. What is that line, and how fast can the property be spun back to the market? Some properties with major structural damage can be flipped slowly, but they gather the biggest spread. Unfortunately, these properties open up a slew of potential problems as well.

2. Cash Buy Option
There is usually a cash buy price associated with a real estate property. But what is it? If the cash buy price is substantially lower, it could be a red flag for an investor that something is either very wrong or the seller is very desperate. Either way, it could be trouble. The cash price is incredibly valuable in the grand scheme of investing.

3. Location, Location
The famous Donald trump stressed location above any other component of buying a property. This essentially means that anything in a property can be changed- except the location. It is the only stagnant aspect of a home. It is also the one worth the most consideration, for being just a block off could severely lower the value of a property.

These are the broad strokes in investing. Some investment properties are simply holes where money is being thrown in over and over again. Television shows chronicle the fallacies of poor investment buying. Considering the stakes of the properties and the prices, this is not something one can afford to take lightly. Check out this site to learn more about Investment Property in Staten Island.

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