Dec 10, 2013

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International Car Shipping Services in Texas

With the availability of Car Shipping Services Texas companies, transportation of vehicles has become a common practice and is handled with a great deal of ease. Business people dealing in both local and imported vehicles can now sit back and enjoy the professional handling of such companies to the destination point. It is necessary to know the packages offered by these companies in the trade of car shipping services with regard to their different terms and conditions of engagement. The following are some of the available option of international transportation of very delicate cargo.

Roll on roll off shipping

In this mode of transport, vehicles are either towed or driven on vessels with a unique platform on them. The carrier ship is designed like a large parking lot with each car parked at a set spot. This method is advantageous in that it is flexible to suit a wide range of sizes and shapes of vehicles. The car will, however, not enjoy the protection from the environment, as compared to the container method.

Container shipping

In this option, the car is loaded in a container, protecting it from rain or snow. The biggest challenge here is that the vehicle should be in conformity with the container dimensions. This method is, therefore, limited to a specific size and shape of cargo.

After all these are done, the firms dealing in car shipping services Texas area advise their clients to insure the cargo even though the vessel is always insured. The law dictates that the marine or other insurance, as is appropriate is also mandatory for the shipment to be done. The services have so far improved that it is the responsibility of the company to do the necessary paper work related to the said shipment though at a fee that is normally billed together with the service charge.

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