Sep 8, 2017

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Interesting Facts About Steel Recycling in Baltimore MD

Interesting Facts About Steel Recycling in Baltimore MD

The time has finally come when almost everyone in the world sees the benefit of being “green” and taking part in recycling. One of the most recycled materials in the world is steel. Here are some of the most interesting facts about steel recycling in Baltimore MD.

Fun Facts

  • Steel is perhaps the easiest material to filter from the solid waste stream due to its magnetic properties. These properties result in literally millions of tons of steel being diverted from the solid waste stream every year.
  • Back in 1970, the rate of steel recycling surpassed 60%. Today, the rate has reached 69% of all steel being recycled in North America. This rate is higher than paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum combined.
  • By recycling steel, thousands of pounds of raw materials used to manufacture it are conserved. In fact, for every ton of steel that is recycled, over 3,000 pounds of iron ore, limestone, and coal are saved. This is great for the environment.
  • Steel can be recycled time after time without ever losing its strength.

More Fun Facts

  • The energy that recycling steel annually saves is equivalent to the energy it would take to power 18 million homes.
  • Ever since the first Earth Day. steel manufacturing companies have invested nearly $8 billion to help control solid waste management and air pollution.
  • Steel companies are always looking to become more efficient. In fact, since 1972, the amount of energy needed to manufacture one ton of steel has been reduced by approximately 34%.

Even More Fun Facts

  • The amount of steel in one car that can be recycled by steel recycling in Baltimore MD can be used to create 4 steel poles.
  • Homeowners will be glad to know that 100% of their steel roofs are able to be recycled. However, if their roof is made from asphalt, exactly 0% can be recycled.
  • Homes made from steel frames are completely resistant to termites.

Find more information about why steel recycling is good for the environment and a smart decision for any business by clicking the link. When it comes to “green” materials, steel may very well be the king.

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