Feb 4, 2014

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Interesting Facts about Dentist in Clifton

Like other medical fields, dentistry may seem like a like a stolid career. However, the work of any dentist in Clifton is anchored in a tradition of scientific principles and reaction to people’s need for proper tooth care. This tradition stretches back thousands of years. The medical processes carried out by dentists over the years are very interesting when seen through the lens of modern medicine. The size of the dental industry and inventions over the years can be attributed to many professionals in the field of dentistry.


Fossilized human remains and tools used during the Stone Age point to the fact that early men practiced some form of primitive dentistry. Evidence from as far back as 3000 B.C from the Aztec culture proves that people used water, lint and iron filings to fill cavities. During the reign of the Roman Empire, dentists installed gold crowns and bridge works into the mouths of their patients. Blacksmiths in early America performed most of the duties of an emergency dentist. The practice of any Dentist in Clifton is influenced by this history.


Dentistry is often associated with other medical fields. Although dentistry is a very profitable medical profession, the amount of business in dentistry is not as much compared with other medical fields. In general, the biggest industries are non-medical. On average, dentistry accounts for about $50 billion of the country’s economic activities. This can be compared with the pet food industry and is just about half that of the hair care industry. Americans spend about $2.5 billion each year on toothbrushes and toothpaste. Visit Littlefalls Family Dental for more information.


Many opinion polls and research surveys have found that Americans have a positive perception towards professional dentists. Gallup polls indicate that Americans have positive attitudes towards Dentist in Clifton and view them as trustworthy, effective at their jobs and easy to communicate with. A survey by the Academy of Dentistry conducted in 2004 rated dentists above other medical professionals in honesty and ethics. Dentistry is credited with many inventions related to oral hygiene including toothpaste, toothbrush and floss among others. Dentists are also responsible for many inventions in non-medical fields. Visit website for more


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