Jul 20, 2018

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Integrated, Multi-Layered Monitoring Systems Are the Best Option

Integrated, Multi-Layered Monitoring Systems Are the Best Option

The most effective type of a security monitoring system is one that is multi-faceted and multi-layered. In other words, it doesn’t rely on one feature alone. Instead, it has various components working together for the total 360-degree view of safety and security. Of course, cost is always a prominent and important factor. However, an experienced provider of monitored security in Louisville, KY will be able to guide the customer through which features are most important for their security goals.

Effective Monitoring and Playback Are Important

There are three major components to a monitored security system: equipment, installation and maintenance. A fourth component and arguably the most important is the monitoring itself. Make sure monitoring is performed by the security provider and in real-time. If you have to call the security firm when there is a security breach or emergency, there is something seriously wrong with the service. Look for proactive monitored security in Louisville, KY that utilizes digital recordings and the collection of the recording back at the central office. This will make getting the recorded information back to you or law enforcement much easier and quicker.

Digital Technology Provides Ultimate Safety

As mentioned earlier, the most recommended monitored security in Louisville, KY is multi-layered and multi-faceted. By way of example, a facility will ensure ultimate safety by utilizing the latest technology in motion detectors, audio sensors and strategically placed video cameras. Working together, they ensure a complete safety and security net to cover all employees, students and visitors. Work with a security and safety company that provides an integrated and complete approach to their security offerings. Also inquire about their customer service. Speak with their current customers and ask about their reputation and even ownership. Don’t trust the security and safety of employees and/or students to just any company. Work with a proven provider with a solid reputation in business and their industry.

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