Insurance Agency In Hialeah, FL, Talks About Using Car Rental Insurance

You’re organizing a family getaway. The inquiry “Would you like to add our insurance to the vehicle?” is always asked once you arrive at your destination and approach the rental car counter. Like many of us, you might find this question to be confusing. Although you know you have one of the best insurance plans, does it include coverage for a rental car? Behind you, others are lined up and eagerly waiting.

To get things moving, you say, “Oh, what the heck, I’ll take it.” But was that the best course of action?

According to an insurance agency in Hialeah, FL, that might not be the best choice. The best option will depend on the reason why you are making it. Instead of just saying yes to get moving, consider the following information as you make your choice the next time.

What Rentals Are Not Covered?

Most personal policies with an insurance agency in Hialeah, FL, won’t cover you if you transport equipment, drive a rental for work, drive a U-Haul or similar moving truck, or drive cars that weigh more than 10,000 pounds. Always choose the extra insurance in these situations.

When Rentals Are Covered

Your current auto insurance with a company like Del Toro Insurance usually covers “temporary replacement” automobiles if they’re identical and utilized for similar purposes. Knowing what kind of insurance you have back home is crucial because only your auto insurance will cover a rented car.

Your rental automobile will only cover responsibility if you only have liability coverage on your own car. The rental vehicle will not be covered for damage. When traveling, be aware of your own insurance policy and request additional coverage from the car rental representative.

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