Nov 1, 2011

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When it comes time to shop for window treatments for your home, you will never regret purchasing an insulated drape. While you might have thought drapes were out of your price league, as they can be much more expensive than a basic blind or shade, an insulated drape will actually save you money in the long run — and then some.


More so than any other window treatment, an insulated drape works hard and efficiently to keep the hot, sticky air out in the summer as well as protect from the cold, harsh winds of winter. Once you install your drapes, you’ll also notice that you’re paying less on your heating bills during the warmer months and you’re A/C bills during the dog days of summer.


Drapery also has the added benefit of blocking light like no other window treatment. They are often what hotels use to achieve a cave-like effect to allow weary travelers to enjoy uninterrupted sleep because they’re protected from streetlights, headlights and natural light. Add a cornice on top of the drapery and you can even prevent light from seeping through the top. And the great advantage of drapery, too, is that if you want to allow some light in the room, all you need to do is draw them open to the desired angle.


While there are other window treatments that are more affordable, none are more versatile than drapery, and at the end of the day, none will save you more money over time.


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