Aug 6, 2018

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Installing Newly Purchased Equipment with the Help of a Millwright in San Antonio

Installing Newly Purchased Equipment with the Help of a Millwright in San Antonio

When manufacturing or industrial companies are asked about millwrights, the discussion often turns to relocating stationary machinery from one facility to another. This is one of the main aspects of what a Millwright in San Antonio does on a daily basis. However, millwrights can also help assemble new equipment as well. It is something that industrial and manufacturing businesses rely on quite heavily when new equipment is purchased and needs to be installed.

In the Absence of Manufacturer’s Assistance

Often, when a company purchases a piece of equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment, especially if it’s a sizable stationary machine, will send along a technician or their own millwright to help with the installation as well as to assist in training one or multiple operators. However, some manufacturers don’t have installation techs or, in many cases, they will rely on local millwrights to handle this job for them.

Expert Services

The millwright will often work closely with the manufacturer of the equipment, as well as the purchaser, to get familiarized with the equipment. This sort of pre-planning can take some time, especially if the machine in question is a custom, one-of-a-kind machine. Depending on the equipment, it could take the millwright a few days or even a few weeks to get familiarized with the design. This is important because the millwright will be in charge of assembling and positioning the new machine properly, and this can be detailed and often delicate work with very tight tolerances.


It’s also not terribly uncommon for machinery to have become damaged in the transport process. In these instances, a millwright can also perform minor or extensive repairs as needed. This can extend the time it takes to get a machine up and running, but it is crucial to the performance of the new equipment. It’s also helpful in protecting the business’s investment in new machinery, which in some cases can be quite significant.

Whether your business has purchased new equipment that needs to be installed or the equipment needs to be relocated to a new location, the services of a Millwright in San Antonio are crucial. If you have any of these situations upcoming, you may want to Contact DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. for more information.


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