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IDEX is a leading global manufacturer of prime engineered industrial products & technology that provides solutions to mission-critical problems for our customers.

Quadro® has been widely recognized for its high-caliber engineering milling and sifting solutions. The products are endorsed with the highest level of application and technical support.

Quadro’s New Generation of, L4 Series, Conical Mills portfolio is custom-made to specifically address the milling challenges. Low capacity, higher fines generation and lack of cleanability are the main deterrents in general milling applications. The L4 Series offers an economical and reliable solution, ideal for general purpose pharmaceutical milling applications.

Key Benefits of The New Generation L4 Series Conical Mill:

  • Higher Capacity – Improved Efficiency
  • Repeatable, Accurate & Scalable Solutions (consistent PSDs from lab to production)
  • Easy cleanability
  • Enhanced Safety Features

The Quadro® cone mill, or cone mill technology has been re-establishing its leadership with every generation through incessant innovation and refinement in technology.

The High Efficiency Quadro® Comil® U21 attains an incredible decline in undesirable “fines” or “overs,” which transforms into tighter PSDs by 25% to +50%, yet still within certified particle size distributions high and low limits. Also, the U21 offers up to 60% capacity increase.

The Key benefits include:

  • Tighter PSDs (Particle Size Distributions)

  • Greaseless Gearbox

  • Virtual elimination of unwanted “fines”

  • Reduced heat generation

  • Higher Capacity

  • Ability to clean-in-place without “special” screens

  • Superior Containment & Reduced dB levels

For more than 40 years, Quadro has been repeatedly fine-tuning and improving QUADRO ® COMIL ® technology. During this time, we have joined hands with our valued customers, positively developing thousands of custom applications to provide increased productivity, versatility and reliability.

It displays Innovative Technology for Size Reduction, De-agglomeration and Dispersion. With 50% enhanced capacity than conventional mills, no spacers are required to optimize impeller/screen gap. Perfect for process integration, it perfectly conforms to tight space requirements and is extremely easy to clean. It meets cGMP, CE, OSHA AND ATEX, patented worldwide & universally accepted.

Consistency, scalability, reproducibility and a simple to use machine has always been the hallmark of the Quadro brand. The continuously burgeoning list of our elite clientele bears testimony to this fact.

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