Injury Treatment in Salem, OR, for Sports-Related Knee Problems

If you sustain a sports-related knee problem, then you’ll need to see a doctor for injury treatment in Salem, OR. The sooner your physician diagnoses and treats your injury, the less likely you will be to develop complications such as increased pain and joint deformity. Here are some things your healthcare provider will do when you arrive at the office with a sports-related knee injury.

Imaging Tests
After examining your knee, injury treatment in Salem, OR, may include diagnostic imaging tests such as an x-ray and MRI. Also known as magnetic resonance imaging, and MRI test detects soft tissue irregularities.

Conversely, traditional x-rays are better at revealing bone injuries. Taking both an MRI and a regular x-ray will help your doctor determine if you have a torn cartilage in your knee, a fractured knee cap, or a torn ligament. Your treatment will be based on your doctor’s findings.

Pain Relief
Your physician may prescribe prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable after your knee injury. He or she may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, or narcotic-based pain relievers. While narcotic pain medications are very effective in managing acute pain, they are not meant for long-term usage because of addiction risks and side effects.

In addition to medications, your doctor may wrap your knee in a compression bandage for support, pain relief, and to promote optimal circulation to the injured areas.
In addition, the physician may recommend that you apply an ice pack to your knee a few times a day to relieve pain and swelling.

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