Nov 7, 2013

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Injured at Work? Hire An L and I Attorney in Yelm, WA

When an employee is injured on the job or develops an illness caused by conditions in their workplace, they are entitled to workers compensation. All employers are required to have workers compensation insurance or the equivalent to offer to their employees. After an employee sees a doctor and verifies their condition, the employer has to certify that the condition developed on the job. The insurance company is then required to pay the employee’s medical bills and a portion of their wages. An employee must receive at least 60 percent of their wages. While this sounds like a straight forward process, it often becomes contentious. An employer may refuse to certify that the worker was injured at work or claim that the injuries aren’t severe. Many employees require an L and I Attorney in Yelm, WA to receive the benefits they deserve.

The Department of Labor and Industries and the employer are both entitled to periodic updates on the worker’s health. Either of these entities may decide that the worker has recovered sufficiently to return to work. This is especially true if the employer has agreed to put the worker on light duty. However, the worker and their doctor may dispute these findings. That’s why it’s important to have an attorney from Putnam Lieb Potvin Law Firm to help. The lawyer can organize the proper documents to show that the worker is still not able to return to work under any circumstances.

Workers compensation is a no fault system. The worker can’t sue the employer or co-worker for negligence. Likewise if the worker’s negligence contributed to his injury, he can’t be denied benefits because of it. However, if a third party acted improperly and caused the injury, they can be sued. For example, if a pizza driver was struck by a driver who was texting, the pizza driver could sue the driver for damages. One of the advantages of having a L and I Attorney at the Putnam Lieb Potvin Law Firm file this type of lawsuit is the amount of damages that can be recovered. They can be much more than 60 percent of the worker’s wages.


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