Jun 13, 2013

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Injured at the Local Mall? Contact an Accident Attorney in Oxford, MS

Falling down in public isn’t just painful, it can be very embarrassing. When a person slips in the food court at the local mall, often they just want to get up as soon as possible and hide. If it’s an older person, they might think that they’re just old and it was their fault. They should take a moment and assess the situation. If they hit their head in any way or have trouble moving, they should request an ambulance. If their assessment led them to notice that the floor wasn’t in good condition or if it was wet, they should contact an Accident Attorney Oxford MS practice for help.

Traumatic head injuries can take several hours or even days to fully manifest symptoms. So any hit on the head should be evaluated by a doctor. Hip fractures in the elderly are often fatal, any discomfort in that area should be reported to emergency medical personnel on the scene. If these were caused by the mall owner failing to repair a faulty carpet or some other negligence, then they are liable for damages. When a business owner invites the public to shop on their premises, they are held to the highest standards of safety.

Many injured people don’t have adequate insurance to pay their bills. They may not have any sick time at work. A lawyer such as Mona Pittman Attorney At Law can meet with them and evaluate whether or not they have a case against the mall owner for negligence. If a jury finds that they owner didn’t maintain their mall properly, then they could grant the injured person a settlement. That settlement should be large enough to pay the medical pills and time off from work. If the injuries will last a lifetime, it can compensate the person for future earnings as well.

Often an Accident Attorney in Oxford MS practice can obtain a fair settlement for their client, without going to trial. When the insurance company sees the evidence and speaks with the lawyer, they make an out-of-court settlement. The lawyer who has worked on many personal injury cases will be able to tell their client if it’s the right amount or if they should continue to negotiate.

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