Aug 10, 2015

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Information to Learn about Dental Checkups Roseburg Oregon

Information to Learn about Dental Checkups Roseburg Oregon

Part of maintaining good oral health depends upon getting regular Dental Checkups Roseburg Oregon. Ideally, this dental care should be done twice a year. However, some dental patients such a diabetics, smokers, and pregnant women may need more frequent checkups. By learning what to expect from a dental checkup, a dental patient can be prepared and have a more fruitful visit.

A regular dental exam will entail looking at a patient’s mouth and areas surrounding the mouth. A dentist will inspect a person’s head, neck, lymph nodes, and salivary glands to assess for signs of disease. Some signs a dentist will assess for include discolorations, lumps, hardness, and lesions. A dentist will also inspect a person’s teeth and gums to look for signs of dental disease and dental irregularities. By looking at a patient’s bite, a dentist can evaluate how well a person’s top and bottom teeth meet. A dentist will probably check a person’s temporomandibular joint to make sure it’s working right. This is done by asking a person to open and close his mouth all the way in addition to moving the lower jaw from side to side while the mouth is open.

During a checkup, a patient’s teeth will be cleaned. While this is typically done by a dentist hygienist, it can also be done by a dentist. Dental cleaning is done by using a dental tool called a hand scaler to extricate tartar from a person’s teeth. An ultrasonic dental tool can also be used to remove a thicker accumulation of tartar. Any remaining plaque is removed by polishing with a rotating rubber cup. A checkup may include X-rays and other clinical testing. Often a dentist or dental hygienist will go over proper dental hygiene with a patient including tooth brushing and tooth flossing. Visit website to know more.

Getting regular Dental Checkups Roseburg Oregon can help a dentist find problems before they develop and stop the progression of other dental conditions. It can also be used as a preventative measure by removing tartar, plaque, and stains on teeth. For more information on Dental Checkups Roseburg Oregon and other dental services, a dental patient can talk to a professional at Harvard Dental Group.

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