Aug 26, 2014

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Information on Auto Accident Injury Treatment in St Louis

After an auto accident, you can be in severe pain. Often, the neck and back are the main areas of the body to be damaged. This can cause debilitating pain and ongoing problems with mobility. If you are dealing with the pain of an auto accident, you need to know there is help available. Through Auto Accident Injury Treatment in St Louis, your pain can be brought under control, so you can get on with your life and back to doing the things you love.

Most people experience pain after an auto accident because their spine has come out of proper alignment. This can happen because of the blunt trauma the body experiences during an accident. When your vertebrae are out of alignment, this can place undue pressure on the surrounding tissues and the nerves. As your nerves become compressed, you begin to experience pain that can often be severe and debilitating. Fortunately, a chiropractor can correct these subluxations, so the soft tissues and nerves can heal.

To treat your pain, the doctor will first analyze your condition. He or she will take X-rays of your spine and will talk with you about your symptoms. From here, the doctor will work to move your vertebrae back where they belong. This is carried out through a chiropractic adjustment. Using swift, yet gentle movements, the doctor will guide each bone back into place. This will be done on your cervical vertebrae and all the way down your back.

Most people begin to feel immediate relief after an Auto Accident Injury Treatment in St Louis. You may need further treatment for several weeks, to keep your vertebrae from slipping out of position. As time goes on, you will find your mobility increases and your pain decreases. This can prevent you from relying on risky pain medications and keep your spine healthy.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact the Back And Neck Care Center. You can visit the site at They will be glad to help you overcome your pain, so you are able to move freely and enjoy life again.

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