Information About Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers on Your Property

In their battle against unwanted pests on their property, homeowners plagued by mice and other small creatures often wonder if ultrasonic sound devices actually work. An ancient Chinese invention, they were first used manually thousands of years ago to drive pests away from crops. Ask any Elk Grove pest control expert and they’ll tell you the principle behind the concept.

How It Works

Ultrasonic sound works on a frequency undetectable by humans. The devices are safe for use around most pets because they won’t be able to hear it while it’s in use. The repeller works by emitting a high-frequency sound that causes confusion and convulsions and may lead to death in mice and other pests. The idea is for these small creatures to flee the area of the sound for other surroundings, thus freeing your home of your pest problem.

Which Pests Are Affected?

Rodents, bugs, mice, bats, squirrels, fleas, and spiders are among the pests affected by ultrasonic sound. Homeowners should be aware that the sound will also harm rabbits or hamsters if you have them as pets.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Repellers

These pest repellers are safe for use around humans and pets with the exceptions noted above. Some of the devices come with convenient features such as a night light for driving pests away at any time of day.

So Do They Work?

Independent studies have been conducted by both repeller companies and prominent universities. The studies found that the devices are effective at repelling mice but have less of an effect on spiders.

If you are located in Elk Grove, a pest control company in your area may use ultrasonic repelling devices to remove pests from your home among other techniques. Because it isn’t a direct pest killer compared to using chemicals and poisons, there is the possibility that critters may return to the scene. However, it is still an effective weapon in the arsenal of pest control experts.

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