Apr 18, 2014

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Information About 29 Gauge Insulin Syringes For First Time Online Buyers

There are many different reasons why diabetics or their family members may choose to buy diabetic supplies online. Depending on your insurance coverage, or if you are insured, or a variety of other reasons it may be easier to buy your own medical equipment and supplies. This is certainly true for 29 gauge insulin syringes which are one of the most commonly used insulin syringes in the world today.

Higher Gauge Numbers Equal Smaller Needle Bore

For most medical uses for subcutaneous injections the higher the gauge number the smaller the bore or the thinner the actual needle is. The thinner the needle the less pain that is associated with injection, an important consideration when you may have to use one or more 29 gauge insulin syringes per day.

Higher Quality Needles are Essential

Another aspect to consider when you choosing between 29 gauge insulin syringes is the actual quality of the needle. Some needles that are made in lower quality factories tend to be duller even on the first injection. This causes more trauma to the injection site and can result in a more painful injection processes.

Saving a few pennies per unit when you buy 29 gauge insulin syringes is definitely not a deal if the injection site is painful or if there is a great risk of bruising or secondary infection at the injection site.

Never Plan to Reuse Needles

29 gauge insulin syringes are all designed for single use only. This means that once they have been inserted into the skin they should be immediately disposed of in a safe, appropriate way. Never reuse an insulin syringe as there is a high risk of contamination and infection to the injection site.

There are different lengths of needles associated with the 29 gauge insulin syringes on the market. Generally work with the shortest needle length possible as this tends to help reduce injection site pain and also make self-injection less complicated. Typically insulin syringes tend to range between 5/8 of an inch to Ā½ inch but there are other options available.

If you have any questions be sure to check with your doctor before buying 29 gauge insulin syringes. Also, if it is your first order, read customer reviews on the product and ask your physician which brand or style he or she recommends for your needs.

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