Industrial Blades In The Metal Working Industries

Knives are common. They dice and slice their way through cloth, vegetables, flesh, bone, and metal. Depending upon their construction, they may qualify as more than kitchen knives. When it comes to metal fabrication, knives – better known as cutting edges, are an integral component of many pieces of equipment. These are industrial blades – many of them capable of slicing through even the toughest metals.

Metal Working: Characteristics Required

Some metals are soft; others are hard. Fabricators have cutting edges to deal with all types. Carbide blades are among the toughest. Industrial edges in the metalworking industry are relied upon to cut through various formats and metals including:

• Aluminum
• Angle iron
• Cast iron
• C-channel
• Channel iron
• H-beam
• High alloy steel
• I-beam
• Irregular shapes
• Pipe
• Rebar
• Steel and stainless steel plate
• Structural steel
• Threaded rod
• Tubing

Other edges slice through copper, brass, tin, and various types of ferrous metal configured in different forms.
However, no matter what the metal, it is important to select cutting edges possessing the right characteristics for any job. While many projects demand specific qualities from the edges – including diverse tooth forms, in general, industrial blades must possess the following characteristics:

• Fast, burr-free cutting – on thin, light, medium and heavier gauge metals
• Cool, clean cutting action
• Durability
• Longevity
• High performance

These are qualities all edge blades need to possess in order to provide quality results in the metalworking trades.

Industrial Blades

In the metalworking trades, edge tools are critical to preparing and producing metal workpieces. Foundries, machine shops, and fabricators all depend on various types of industrial blades to cut through and/or form iron bar, aluminum plate, and steel rods into designated shapes. While it is possible to purchase cheap edge tools, this is not advised. High-quality, more expensive blades are more durable and last longer, therefore proving to be far more cost-effective than the cheaper brands.

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