Indicators That You Need To Receive a Complete Eye Exam in Texas

Right now, you may find it difficult to see street signs, smaller print, or words on your computer screen. Rather than suffering through, you should learn more about what is going on. Here are signs that indicate that you need an eye exam regarding your vision.

Squinting at the Computer

You may use a computer for school or work, or you only need one for personal reasons. During the times that you use it, you may find yourself squinting to see things correctly. If you struggle to see the letters clearly, you may have an issue with eye strain or getting your eyes to focus. Because you typically glance at a screen for long periods, your eyes may need a break. Taking this kind of pause should help to strengthen your vision. If not, see an optometrist in Frisco about an exam.

Experiencing Frequent Headaches

It may seem unusual that a problem with your eyes can result in pain in your head, shoulders, neck, and back. Yet, it happens quite often. This pain is troublesome and can prevent you from properly handling your responsibilities. It may seem like you injured yourself somehow, but the reason behind this issue belongs to the optic nerve within your eyes. As you stretch or extend your eyes to see better, the strain causes inflammation and sends pain to other parts of your body. It is difficult to know what is happening unless an optometrist in Frisco further reviews your case.

Just because you did not use an optometrist in Frisco previously, that does not mean you will not need one in the present. Discover more about your eye health from the Prosper Eye Room at

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